What Is Amazon Cloud And What Can You Do With Amazon Cloud?

Everbody know Amazon is a world biggest e-commerce company.

All of the newbies think that Amazon only makes e-commerce business.

But that’s not true because Amazon company create a lot’s of business.

And Amazon Cloud also his business.

So today we want to tell you about this Cloud.

Let’s begin.

What is Amazon Cloud?

Amazon Cloud is also known as Amazon Drive.

It is an online storage provider program of the Amazon.

This is the best service of Amazon.

If you require a online storage on this internet world so this cloud is one of the best for you.

Because this cloud provided you file backup, photo printing, file sharing and many more features.

If you have purchased this cloud service so you can transfer files, managed from multiple devices including web browsers, desktop applications, mobiles, and tablets.

At this current time, Amazon company provided you the best offer.

Company provided you free unlimited storage with the Amazon Prime Membership Subscription.

Now, this Cloud company has been increased his size day by day.

At this time, Company offered his service in the different countries such as the United States, Japan, Brazil, China, United Kingdom e.t.c.

It also functions in China and Brazil as a free limited 5GB storage service.

What Can You Do With Amazon Cloud?

I know, Everybody does not use this cloud because he does not require for these type service.

If you create a website in which you need online storage such as Music Downloading, Photo Downloading, Video Downloading, E.t.c.

So you need a drive storage.

And it is one of the best options for you to purchase this Cloud.

With its help, you can store your photos, music, videos etc. on the Amazon.

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